Techie 10.8V 4000mAh Li-ion 6 Cell Laptop Battery for DV4 DV4-1000 DV4-1100 DV4-1200 DV5-1001tu DV6-1000et DV6-1001tx DV6-1006tx DV6-1007tx DV6-1008tx CQ50-100 G50 CQ40 CQ45 CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 (Black)




Price: ₹2,999.00 - ₹1,499.00
(as of Jul 11,2022 20:06:51 UTC – Details)

Capacity: 4000mAh, Voltage: 10.8V, Number of Cells: 6
Compatible with HP DV4, DV4-1000, DV4-1100, DV4-1200, DV4i, DV4t, DV4z, DV5, DV5-1000, DV5-1001au, DV5-1001ax, DV5-1001tu, DV6-1000et, DV6-1001tx, DV6-1001xx, DV6-1002tx, DV6-1003tx, DV6-1004tx, DV6-1005ea, DV6-1005ez, DV6-1125el, DV6-1125eo, DV6-1125er, DV6-1125et, DV6-1125sf, DV6-1125tx, DV6-1126el, DV6-1126tx, DV6-1127cl, DV6-1127ee, DV6-1127el, G60, G60-100, G70, G71, HDX X16-1000,DV5-1010tx,DV5-1019tx, CQ50-100, G50, HDX16, CQ40, CQ45, CQ50, CQ60, CQ70
Compatible Part Number HP 462889-121, 462889-421, 462890-151, 462890-161, 462890-251, 462890-541, 462890-751, 462890-761, 482186-003, 484170-001, EV06047, EV06055, HSTNN-C51C, HSTNN-CB72, HSTNN-DB72, HSTNN-DB73, HSTNN-UB72, HSTNN-UB73, dv5-1018tx, G70-100, HDX X16-1000, HDX X16-1100, HDX X16-1200, HDX X16-1300, HDX16, HDX16-1140US, HDX16t, HSTNN-Q37C, 462889-121, 462889-142, 462889-242, 462889-541, 516915-001, 536436-001, 597598-001, EV06, EV12, HSTNN-Q36C, HSTNN-Q40C, HSTNN-Q43C, HSTNN-XB73
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year physical damaged product is not covered under warranty


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