New Replacement OA03 OA04 Notebook Battery for HP 746641-001 740715-001 Laptop Battery fits HP J1U99AA F3B94AA 240 G2 250 G3 HSTNN-LB5S HSTNN-LB5Y HSTNN-PB5Y Battery



Price: ₹3,999.00 - ₹2,499.00
(as of Jul 17,2022 17:18:49 UTC – Details)

tem Specification Battery type: Li-ion Capacity: 41Wh Cells: 4-cell Voltage: 14.8V Color: Black Works for HP Part Numbers: 0A03, OA03, 0A04, OA04, OA04041, F3B94AA, J1U99AA 740715-001, 746458-421, 746641-001, 751906-541, 746458-141 HSTNN-LB5Y, HSTNN-LB5S, HSTNN-PB5Y, HSTNN-PB5S, HSTNN-IB5M Compatible with HP Laptop Notebook Model Numbers: HP 14 TouchSmart Notebook series: 14-d001au, 14-d008au, 14-d012tu, 14-d020la, 14-d022la, 14-d023la, 14-d026la, 14-d027br, 14-d030br, 14-d032la 14-d034la, 14-d040la, 14-d042la, 14-d106tx, 14-g003au, 14-g005la, 14-g006au, 14-g006la, 14-g007ax, 14-g030la 14-g031la, 14-g102au, 14-r001la, 14-r001tu, 14-r002la, 14-r003la, 14-r003tx, 14-r005la, 14-r008la, 14-r011la 14-r012la, 14-r012nf, 14-r016la, 14-r018la, 14-r021la, 14-r022la, 14-r050br, 14-r051br, 14-r052br, 14-r053tu 14-r113tu, 14-r201tx, 14-r211la, 14-r215la, 14-r217la, 14-r230la, 14-w001la, 14-w004la, 14-w008la, 14-w104la HP 15 TouchSmart Notebook series: 15-d035dx, 15-d053cl, 15-d069wm, 15-d083nr, 15-g012dx, 15-g019wm, 15-g020dx, 15-g021nr, 15-g029wm, 15-g035wm 15-g070nr, 15-g163nr, 15-g170nr, 15-g227wm, 15-g273nr, 15-r011dx, 15-r015dx, 15-r017dx, 15-r018dx, 15-r029wm 15-r030wm, 15-r052nr, 15-r063nr, 15-r131wm, 15-r132wm, 15-r136wm, 15-r137wm, 15-r210dx, 15-r263dx, 15-r264dx HP 240 G2 245 G2 250 G2 255 G2 HP 240 G3 245 G3 246 G3 250 G3 255 G3 256 G3 TPN-C113 TPN-C114 TPN-F112 TPN-F113 TPN-F114 TPN-F115 TPN-C116 TPN-C117
Compatible wiht HP Model Numbers: HP 0A03 OA03 0A04 OA04 Notebook Battery OA04041 J1U99AA F3B94AA 740715-001 746458-421 746641-001 751906-541 746458-141 HSTNN-LB5Y HSTNN-LB5S HSTNN-PB5Y HSTNN-PB5S HSTNN-IB5M Hp Spare Notebook Battery
CE/ROHS Certified for Security Assurances,100% New Brand,100% Compatibility With the OEM
Fits:HP Compaq Presario 15-H000 15-S000 HP CQ14 CQ15 HP 14 15 Touchsmart Notebook PC TPN-C113 TPN-F113 TPN-F114 TPN-F115 TPN-C116 TPN-C117 240 G2 240 G3 Laptop Battery


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